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  • 4 Irrefutable Truths About Climate Change Science

    During the recent confirmation hearings of President Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees, a familiar pattern has emerged. Many of them have acknowledged that climate change is happening, but each has then sowed doubt by either understating the connection between human activity and climate change or by suggesting that there’s too much uncertainty to act. The overall effect of these statements is to confuse or stall progress


  • Brazil actively follows and participates in several international agreements that try to direct the planet towards a low-carbon future. One of the priorities of these commitments is to tackle climate change and to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions

  • To date, 190 countries have ratified the Paris Agreement and in sum they represent 98.9% of global greenhouse gas emissions, according to WRI CAIT. In ratifying, this means that all 190 countries have already presented their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). NDCs are mechanisms that internationally communicate the measures that each country will take to tackle climate change and how they will transition towards a low-carbon future

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